16th Jan2010
Final Fantasy XIII Crystarium

Final Fantasy XIII Crystarium Level Up Gameplay Video

This is a video that explains how the level up system in Final Fantay XIII works. This new leveling system, called the Crystarium, uses Crystarium points to...

11th Jan2010
Japanese PlayStation 1 Box

How To Import for the PlayStation 1

Updated March 23, 2013. For the other Sony home consoles, try How to Import for the PlayStation 2 and How to Import for the PlayStation 3. The...

10th Jan2010

How To Import: Xbox and Xbox 360

First up, the original (and ENORMOUS) Xbox The only consistent way to modify an original Xbox to play import games is to install a mod chip. However,...

09th Jan2010

How To Import: PSP, DS, and Other Handheld Consoles

All Nintendo (Except DSi and 3DS) and Sony handheld consoles are COMPLETELY REGION FREE!!!!!! That means Japanese games will run fine on your American PSP or DS...

23rd Dec2009
FFXIII First Impressions

Final Fantasy XIII | First Impressions

The next long awaited iteration of the Final Fantasy franchise is here! Well, it is if you live in Japan or you’re willing to import it. This...

10th Nov2009

The Wonderswan Color | A Japanese Only Handheld Console

The Wonderswan Color was released by Bandai in Japan only at the end of December 2000. Bandai made several consoles that never made it out of Japan,...

10th Nov2009

How To Import: GameCube and Wii

The Gamecube and the Wii have many similarities in the way you can play imported games. The easiest for both is probably the FreeLoader. The FreeLoader is...

07th Nov2009
Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIII Will Include Final Fantasy XIV Beta! (Update: Sorta)

Yeah, you read that right! Reports (mainly leaked scans from Jump Magazine) are showing that a Final Fantasy XIV “Campaign Code” (which really means “Beta Code”) will...

22nd Oct2009

How To Import: Famicon a.k.a. Nintendo Entertainment Center (NES)

Importing for the NES or Famicom The original NES (or Famicom in Japan): Here’s the original NES, the one you probably know all too well: And here’s...

22nd Oct2009

How To Import: Super Famicom a.k.a SNES and Nintendo 64

Importing for the SNES or Super Famicom, and importing for the N64 Super Famicom is the Japanese name for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It’s really...

22nd Oct2009
Namco X Capcom

Namco X Capcom

Namco X Capcom for the PS2 The interesting import-only game for today is called Namco X Capcom (pronounced Namco Cross Capcom) for the Playstation 2. (Box art)...