16th Feb2013

Xbox 720 / Microsoft Durango Launch Info, Rumors to Final Specs

by Kuro Matsuri

Xbox 720 Durango Rumors and Specs

This is Kuro Matsuri Video Game’s roundup of the rumors surrounding the launch of the Microsoft Durango, commonly known as the Xbox 720.  At this time, there seems to be less information about the Durango than there is about the Orbis, but it will be updated as new information comes out.

The first piece of this rumor is simply about when final official information should be available: and it currently looks to be E3 2013.  It has been confirmed that Microsoft will make a major announcement at this year’s E3.  While they will not confirm that it’s about the next Xbox, many sources think that it’s the most likely time for the next Xbox to be announced.

Now, let’s dive into the available details:

Name: There’s really no consensus about what the name will be.  The codename has been leaked as “Durango”, and the community at large calls it the “Xbox 720″.  No confirmed information is out there at this point. Not confirmed.

Processor: Sources say that the CPU will be a 64-bit 8-core 1.6GHz processor, but the brand is not yet known, though some sources say it will be an AMD like the Orbis is expected to have. Estimated processing power in Flops is not yet available.  Not confirmed.

Graphics Card: It looks like the graphics card will be a Radeon Direct3D-based 800 MHz GPU, with a claimed 1.2 TFlops (1.2 trillion floating-point operations per second) in raw power.  Not confirmed.

Memory: Current leaked specs are showing 8GB of DDR3 RAM, which, compared to the Xbox 360′s 512MB, is a vast improvement.  That memory is shared between the CPU and GPU, but there’s also a small 32MB faster-running cache for the GPU to us.  Not confirmed.

Storage: The Durango is expected to have an HDD of an unknown size, and it seems increasingly likely that it will utilize 50GB Blu-ray discs, read at 6x speeds.  It could go the route that the Wii U did, and have a slightly modified proprietary Blu-ray format, but probably won’t so that it can have Blu-ray playback.  Some sources say that Blu-ray playback will not be available, though, so it’s pretty much up in the air at this point.  Not confirmed, some sources disagree.

Controller: There’s been practically no information on the controller for the Xbox 720.  It’s expected to be practically unchanged.  Not confirmed.

Compatibility: There is not yet any information about backwards compatibility or region protection.  However, it appears that the Kinect will be compatible.  The big news here is that there is information being spread around that states that the console will not be compatible with used games, which most gamers hope is not the case.  Not confirmed, some sources disagree.

Extras: This is where things get exciting, yet still very unconfirmed.  First off, there’s the small chance that Microsoft’s demoed and very impressive IllumiRoom technology could make it to the Xbox.  It will probably be as an add-on, if it’s available at all, but if it is available, it will be very impressive.  See below:

Additionally, some sources are saying that there will be virtual reality and/or augmented reality glasses, currently codenamed Fortaleza, or unofficially known as Kinect Glasses.  These could potentially be even more interesting than the IllumiRoom technology, but appears to be a later add-on, estimated to be launched some time in 2014.  Not confirmed, lots of variations in sources.

Price Point: Completely unknown.  Wild speculation is placing it between $400 and $500.  Not confirmed, practically no sources.

Launch / Release Date: Many sources are putting the release date as late 2013.  That would be a fast turnaround from E3 2013, though.  Not confirmed, but many sources seem to agree.

The information will be monitored and updated over time.  Both the Durango and the PS4 are looking like significant improvements over their predecessors. Feel free to browse our sources:








(Last Updated 02/16/2013)