02nd Feb2013

PlayStation 4 / Orbis Launch Info, Rumors to Final Specs

by Kuro Matsuri

PlayStation 4 Orbis Speculation

Kuro Matsuri Video Games will be paying close attention to the details surrounding the launch of the new PlayStation.  The information below, unless otherwise noted, are rumors or supposedly leaked information.  Confirmed information will be tagged as it comes in.

First off, when can we expect official information to start coming out?  It looks like it’s February 20th at 6PM EST when Sony has a conference.  Unofficial sources have confirmed that the PlayStation 4 / Orbis will be announced at that time.  Here’s the teaser trailer (which basically shows nothing):

The conference has occurred! The Playstation 4 is officially announced! (2/20/2014)

Sony has launched a Press Release about the PlayStation 4 specs.  The information from that press release is included below. (2/21/2013)

Jack Tretton has made some statements during an interview with Forbes.  Information from that has been added to this post.  (2/23/2013)

So, here’s the details that are floating around out there right now:

Name: It will be called the PlayStation 4!  Confirmed by PlayStation directly.

Design: The design of the console itself is unknown, but Jack Tretton has stated that we can expect to see the console my E3, or possible sooner.  Approximate time confirmed, design not confirmed.

Processor: Current leaked information states that the processor will be an 8-core AMD processor (Jaguar).  The cores will be split into 2 clusters, simulating a setup with 2 processors that have 4 cores each. Claimed performance: 102.4 GFlops (102 billion floating-point operations per second).  8-core AMD x86 confirmed by Sony Press Release, pictured below.

PS4 Tech Specs

Graphics Card: The graphics card appears to be an AMD R10XX-based card that shares memory with the processor.  It will run at 800MHz and produce an estimated 1.843 TFlops (1.843 trillion floating-point operations per second).  The GPU is on the same die as the GPU.  Confirmed by PlayStation Live Event and Sony Press Release (above).

Memory: Most sources are saying that the PlayStation 4 will have 4GB of RAM, with a 176GB/s transfer rate.  Some sources, though, are saying that Sony wants to try to get 8GB of RAM into the system before it launches.  Compared to the 256MB (system) + 256MB (graphics) that the PlayStation 3 had, either is a vast improvement.  During the PlayStation Event, the RAM was confirmed at a full 8GB of GDDR5 high speed RAM.  Confirmed by PlayStation Event and Sony Press Release.

Storage: Sources say that the PlayStation 4 will have a Blu-ray drive with pretty nice specs, running at around 6x, cmpared to the PS3′s 2x.  That should help with some of load speed issues and required installs that some games have had in the past.  It also looks like at least one SKU will come equipped with a 500GB HDD.  All details confirmed except size of the hard drive.

Controller: It looks like the Dualshock will live on, but it will be modified a bit.  First off, the middle area could be turning into a touch-pad, similar to the one on the back of the PS Vita.  It will include a front-facing speaker, much like the Wii controllers.  The top of the controller will include the PS Move light, allowing you to use the normal controller as a Move controller.  Additionally, Sony has listened to a lot of critics and made the analog sticks a little bit concave, allowing for a better grip.  Here’s a couple of the leaked images for the PS4 controller (keeping in mind that it is a prototype, so it could look a little different at launch):

These are the prototype controllers that were leaked:

ps4 controller prototype

PS Orbis Prototype Controller

Here’s an official picture:

PS4 Controller Back View

It looks like the leaks are true.  The PS4 controller will act as a PS Move controller, as necessary.

Some sources have suggested that there will also be a Share button, but the leaked prototype does not have that button.  It’s not impossible for it to be added, but it seems unlikely.  Confirmed, with Share button, by the PlayStation Event.

Compatibility: The PS4 will remain compatible with Blu-Ray movies, but will not maintain compatibility with PS3 or PS2 games.  However, as a compromise, they have announced some service to announce the live streaming of PS3, PS2, and PS1 games on the PS4.  While they have not announced cost, this appears to be the compromise between PS3 full backwards compatibility, and the limitations of the new system.  PS1, PS2, and PS3 games will be available via streaming.  Depending on the costs associated with streaming, time will tell if it is worthwhile for the consumer.  Additionally, Sony has confirmed that you’ll be able to “suspend” the console at any time and resume gameplay where you left off when you return.

As a bonus: Sony has announced that the PS Vita will support instant cross-platform play with the Vita – did your kids interrupt your play time with Call of Duty?  Immediately switch to the Vita without losing any game time!

Partially Confirmed by PlayStation Event, Real-Time Switching between Home Console and Handheld Console Completely Confirmed.  Gaikai technology will be used to live stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 content, but no details have been released on pricing or whether or not you’ll be able to play the games you already own in this way.

Extras: Confirmed: the system will continuously record your current activities to allow you to share them with friends.  Additionally, some sources are suggesting that the PlayStation 4 will support 4K resolutions, though it’s highly unlikely that games will be anywhere near that even if it does. A new rumor is suggesting that the PlayStation Eye will be upgraded to a dual 720p camera setup with a 4 microphone array, which would significantly upgrde the accuracy and capabilities of the PlayStation Eye and the PlayStation Move.  The system has been confirmed to support automatic recording of live gameplay, as well as sharing of that gameplay through a quick button press to social media networks.  They have also confirmed live gameplay feeds, which can be set up in advance.  The PlayStation Event has confirmed that at least some games will be cross-compatible with common systems like your tablet or your phone; you might be able to plat the next Gran Turismo on your PS4 and your iPad or iPhone, or on your Android phone or tablet!  4k output unconfirmed, sharing and live stream sharing capabilities confirmed, live streaming to more than just the PS4 (including phones and tablets) confirmed, upgraded PlayStation Eye confirmed (but it is not known if it will come with the system or not).

Controller and Playstation 4 Eye Specs

Price Point: A Japanese newspaper (Asahi Shinbum or 朝日新聞), which generally has pretty good info, is pricing the PS4 at 40,000 JPY, which probably means a US price of $400 USD.  The PlayStation Event DID NOT announce the price of the system.  Not confirmed.

Launch / Release Date: A few sources have suggested Christmas 2013 as the release window for the new PlayStation, but only for Japan and USA.  Europe would get it some time the following year. Jack Tretton from Sony has confirmed that it will be released in the holiday season of 2013.  Confirmed through a Jack Tretton interview.

Launch Games: The games that are announced for launch include:

      Knack cute game, reminds me of Trine except that it’s 3D, interesting setting.

      Killzone: Shadow Fall – impressive scale, futuristic environments

      Drive Club – 1st person racing gameplay – can see competitors on the track in real time – certainly has potential as a high end racer

      Infamous: Second Son – political commentary, player on the wrong side of the law, intense

      Witness – Thought-provoking, RPG-like, vague information revealed

      Deep Down, Working Title – looks a lot like Dark Souls, sounds fun

      Watchdogs – be a whistleblower – steal from normal people while you catch the bad guys, without getting caught yourself

      Diablo III  – going to be available on the PS4… and the PS3.  Hopefully it won’t have always online DRM.

Destiny – a new Bungie title, “shared world shooter”, limited information available. Not Sony exclusive, but will have exclusive content.

More info: According to the interview with Jack Tretton, more information will be coming during E3 in California (June 11 – 13), Gamescon in Germany (August 21 – 25), and Tokyo Game Show in Japan (September 19 – 22).  Confirmed.

As a bonus, here’s a series of high-resolution controller pics directly from Sony’s Press Release

Official PS4 Controller 1

Official PlayStation 4 Controller Image 2

Official PlayStation 4 Controller Image 3

Official PlayStation 4 Controller Image 4

Official PlayStation 4 Controller Image 5

There we have it.  The important pieces of information summed up in one place.  To dig in further, feel free to look through some of our sources:












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