27th Mar2010

3D Dot Game Heroes First Dungeon Gameplay English Subtitles

by Kuro Matsuri

3D Dot Game Heroes First Dungeon

3D Dot Game Heroes takes the old school Zelda formula, adds in a touch of humor and self-awareness, and spits out an amusing retro styled game that is surprisingly graphically impressive. You won’t be getting any realism here. But, take a look at the first dungeon in the game. Simple, not too hard… but it gives you an idea of how the game plays. And, trust me, the game gets a lot harder than this in the later dungeons. A couple of the boss fights are particularly brutal, and that’s just on the normal difficulty level. Of course, we have provided English subtitles. Due to the limitations of YouTube, the video has been cut into 2 sections, each one around 8 minutes long. Enjoy!

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